Welcome to Meet the Minnesota Makers

I’m Michelle M. Sharp—the founder and writer of Meet the Minnesota Makers. My family, especially my husband and 2 daughters, help in product sampling. When I’m home, you’re likely to find me in the kitchen or the garden. These are my happy places. 

The purpose of this site is to support Minnesota’s small businesses: independent farms, cottage producers, studio artists, main street stores, local restaurants, and more. If you are a maker, a grower, a dreamer…I would like to share your story.

I started writing the newspaper column “Meet the Minnesota Makers: Land of 10,000 Treats” in early 2021. We shopped locally to support small businesses more than usual during the pandemic. Our purchasing choices alone didn’t seem like enough.

I previously taught Spanish at the college level. I’ve researched and written about Spanish women’s food writing as a tool for community building. I enjoy this research. It can, however, feel detached from what’s happening right now in the world. 

Writing the column combines my research skills with my desire to support the real-world small businesses that make Minnesota thrive. Read the published columns through the link in my profile or at hometownnewssource.com—search Michelle Sharp. 

The more I know about a business’s background story, the more invested I become. I know this is true for others as well. IG and FB allow me to share more stories than I can run in the newspaper. 

I moved to Minnesota 10 years ago after growing up in Chicago and later living in Virginia, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin. I’ve fallen in love with this state by choice. At the risk of sounding hokey, I created this site to celebrate the creative people of this chosen home of mine.  

There’s a form on my LinkTree site to suggest businesses, including your own, for profiles. Please share the word about my page with your fellow makers and with your customers. The more we share these stories, the more we all win. 

I enjoy the journey of discovery. It is privilege to learn and share your stories. 

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