Do your product descriptions give your customers a sense of what it’s like to use your unique products?
Do each of your products have an individual description? 
Can your customers imagine what they will feel when the enjoy your product? 
Creating a unique description for each product for sale allows your customers to picture what it will be like to use or gift your product. Invite them in to the experience! Sharing what the item means for you allows your customers to relate to your business. 

          We will work together to personalize the product descriptions on your website. Use these descriptions for both print and web content. 

          *Why Hire a Content Developer? 

           …Tell your story the way you want it to be heard. 

          …Collaborative Process

         …Allow you to focus on the reasons you started your small business

        *My Qualifications

         -Local Engagement—Newspaper columnist for Sun This Week since April 2021 (LinkTree site). 

        -Collaborative Process—Co-edited the first book in English that brought together international scholars about Carmen de Burgos, a noted Spanish author, cook, and reformer. Worked for a Minnesota non-for-profit with a board of over 25 members for four years. I have extensive experience in working with individuals with a range of communication styles. Your website needs to be in your voice. 

        -Learning Focused—Over 10 years of teaching Spanish at the college level. Main focus in my teaching was developing student writing. I want my clients to feel comfortable in their self-expression. 

        -Research and Writing Experience—Completed a PhD in Spanish at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Successfully applied for travel grants to complete research at the National Library of Spain. Published book chapters in multiple edited collections, written an encyclopedia entry on Carmen de Burgos, and written multiple book reviews. I know how to develop a story and have experience in completing a variety of extensive projects. 

        -Oversaw all administrative and personnel actions for a 2000 person brigade while serving in the Army as a Quartermaster (Logistics) Officer. Our unit had the lowest rate of documents being returned on our base due to our rigorous process of editing and revising all written communications. I will never leave your website with typos or grammatical errors that make you look less than professional. 

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