Meet The Makers

  • How Does Your Garden Grow?: Superior Seed Company Curates Custom Seed Kits

    Jen and Eric are the avid gardeners behind Superior Seed Company, a husband-wife small business based in Hermantown.  Their garden kits set you up with a garden in an envelope. Curated by an experienced mixologist and enthusiastic home cooks, you’ll find unique herbs and vegetables in each of their collections. 

  • Pettit Pastures: Regenerative Agriculture Becomes A Family Farming Tradition

    Pettit Pastures, its people, animals, and plants, demonstrate everyday that agriculture and nature can coexist. Through the practice of regenerative agriculture, the Pettit Family restores a healthy balance to their land while raising premium beef and pork for their community.  

  • Making it Personal: CSAs Nourish Communities Through Foods, Goods, and Local Connections

    Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms and businesses are real life examples of individuals collaborating at the local level to support the common good and build thriving communities. Through the CSA model a farm becomes the community’s farm. 

  • “Love on a Plate”: Ruhland’s Strudel Haus

    “Love on a Plate…” is the Strudel Haus’s slogan. This passion project has become a growing business for Eagan’s Tom Ruhland and his family. Everyone involved literally brings something to the table thanks to the positive energy and creativity that makes this strudel business possible.