• Are you ready to give your business some self care?


  • How can you optimize the time you spend on Facebook and Instagram to bolster your sales and increase brand awareness?


  • How should you use social media to connect and collaborate with your customers and with other makers?


  • Are your communications through your website and newsletters effectively delivering your message to your customer base?


  • Is your story reaching your audience the way you hope?


  • Ready to learn about small businesses in your area?
Meet the Minnesota Maker workshops works with groups of makers to strengthen your storytelling. Workshops focus on social media content planning and engagement, website structure and product descriptions, or newsletters as a core part of your business storytelling.
Collaborating as a group allows us to troubleshoot each other’s messaging to create a streamlined plan for telling your story the way you want it to be heard.
Workshops range from one to three hours. Can be done in person or via Zoom. Contact Meet the Minnesota Makers for pricing and availability.
Michelle of Meet the Minnesota Makers is also available for community groups interested in learning more about supporting small businesses. She has spoken at Twin Cities Rotary clubs about the role of small businesses in our communities. She highlights small businesses in your community as a part of the conversation. This is a great way to learn about small businesses in your area!

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