Michelle is the best! I have enjoyed working with her in various capacities for the past 2 years. She is smart, knowledgeable, patient, and a true cheerleader for small businesses in Minnesota. Michelle helped me to revamp my website in a way that was simple, straightforward, and creative. She helped me to create a greater vision of what I wanted my site to look like while ensuring it was still personal and unique to me. I really appreciate Michelle’s professionalism combined with compassion and fun.

Carrie Jarvis, See Carrie Color

I worked with Michelle to edit my second book. She did exceptional work. She was very easy to work with, provided excellent feedback, and completed the edits in a timely manner. I loved how she helped give me insights on what topics I might need to expand on within my book so the reader could have a better experience. I highly recommend working with Michelle

Michelle at Meet the Minnesota Makers did a full website review and site development. She helped my website become more robust and detailed to better serve you. She made it easy and had great suggestions. I’m grateful to have had a partner to work through this major project for my small business.

Pauline in her home studio

Pauline Teller, Paulie's Glass Studio

I very much enjoyed what would otherwise have been a painful process for me. It was an absolute pleasure working with Michelle. I am so grateful for the work she has done to make my website cohesive, written in my voice, and ready to launch!

Colleen McLean, Girl Naturalist Candles

When working with Michelle on my website review, Michelle gave me the benchmarks and accountability that a small business entrepreneur like me needed.  I needed someone to come in and provide a kiss of reality to help me push my business forward. She gave me concrete, attainable goals along with some very specific visual, functional, and grammatical updates.  Also, once I dove in and eventually “finished” the project, she gave me praise and encouragement just like she was part of my team.  I am thankful for her time and guidance in a time when I felt somewhat directionless.  Many thanks to you Michelle!

photography by Tracy Walsh Photo

Jamie Miller, Lime St Creative + Co

Does your website tell your business’s story?

Is your website easy to navigate?

Will your customers find your products?

Do your descriptions include key words to help new customers find your page?

Website Reviews are perfect for the small business owner who has a basic site already established. We will review your site for ease of navigation, use of key terms to improve your SEO, and to make sure that your page gives your current and future customers a sense of your unique business and products.

Website Reviews begin with a complimentary consultation meeting to discuss your goals for your webpage. After I review your website, we meet to divide up the

Photo by Bre McGee for Uncommon Collaborative.

work required to make your site distinctive and user friendly.

For new website construction we will plan together the key pages. Joining forces in a workshop style we will create your content efficiently and economically. As your accountability partner, we will set a strong platform for your business to engage your community.

Contact me to schedule a complimentary planning session to discuss your priorities.

   *Why hire a content developer for your website?

   …Tell your story the way you want it to be heard.

   …Make content creation a collaborative process with an accountability partner.

   …Allow you to focus on the reasons you started your small business.       


Photo by Bre McGee for Uncommon Collaborative.

 *Why hire me? 

 -Local Engagement—Newspaper columnist for Sun This Week since April 2021 (LinkTree site). 

        -Collaborative Process—Co-edited the first book in English that brought together international scholars about Carmen de Burgos, a noted Spanish author, cook, and reformer. Worked for a Minnesota non-for-profit with a board of over 25 members for four years. I have extensive experience in working with individuals with a range of communication styles. Your website needs to be in your voice. 

        -Learning Focused—Over 10 years of teaching Spanish at the college level. Main focus in my teaching was developing student writing. I want my clients to feel comfortable in their self-expression. 

        -Research and Writing Experience—Completed a PhD in Spanish at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Successfully applied for travel grants to complete research at the National Library of Spain. Published book chapters in multiple edited collections, written an encyclopedia entry on Carmen de Burgos, and written multiple book reviews. I know how to develop a story and have experience in completing a variety of extensive projects. 

        -Oversaw all administrative and personnel actions for a 2000 person brigade while serving in the Army as a Quartermaster (Logistics) Officer. Our unit had the lowest rate of documents being returned on our base due to our rigorous process of editing and revising all written communications. I will never leave your website with typos or grammatical errors that make you look less than professional. 

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