By Michelle M. Sharp, Founder and Content Creator of Meet the Minnesota Makers

photography by Tracy Walsh Photo

Jamie Miller invites you to visit Lime Street. 

When she worked in corporate IT, she knew that someday she would have a business named Lime Street. “First of all, I love limes. I also love the idea that streets are familiar to all of us. You walk down Lime Street and find all of these cool creative things,” stated Jamie from her cozy kitchen nook.  

“Lime Street Creative + Co was generated out of the idea that it wouldn’t just be me. It would be a cooperative process,” explained Jamie. “Making deeper connections with my clients becomes an invaluable part of the artwork. It’s something that you simply cannot find through the ‘big box’ stores.”

With every piece she makes Jamie’s goal is to foster a creative space that values art because it holds meaning, history, heart, and joy. “After the loss of my parents and the experience of Covid I really tapped into my intuitive sense. This connectivity with people, community, and plants [Jamie is a master gardener intern] is a huge part of my business. It’s really why all this started—to bring joy and connection.” 

Making connections as an artist has been a new learning process for Jamie. “Running my own business requires me to wear so many hats to push forward,” she reflected. 

The time spent with SHE (Support Her Endeavors) has provided a positive networking experience. “The SHE group has helped me to ‘cast my web’ out further by meeting so many different people in different places and phases of their lives. All of them share the common goal of hustling in their own small business,” shared Jamie. 

The connections made through SHE feel like outreach rather than trying to get the most out of each other. They’ve flowed and opened opportunities for new experiences. “The creative people involved with SHE see things in me that I didn’t see in myself. They see a capacity for greatness,” smiled Jamie. “Being a part of SHE expanded my business and my abilities. They have supported me in a way I didn’t know I needed.” 

These collaborations have included a powerful connection with a botanical photographer, another with a feature writer for a regional magazine, and referrals that have led to beautiful commissions featuring reclaimed wood. 

Jamie is always looking for barn wood and other reclaimed pieces to give them new life. Her neighborhood flower cart consists of a piano, bannister spindles, an old crib and broken palettes. She’s also looking to connect with other artists in the Maple Grove area to do some studio time. “I would love to share some studio time with other artists. I’m mainly an acrylic painter who loves botanicals. I also do a lot of watercolors.” 

Through Lime Street Creative + Co Jamie celebrates the potential of simply saying “yes”. “I am learning to be open to the entire creative process. Can I do this? Yes,” said Jamie. “I keep telling myself to create without fear. To just go. The creative process works best when I just follow my intuition. I love that.”

Find Lime Street Creative + Co at the Plymouth Artisan Market at the Plymouth Community Center on November 18. 

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This feature is a collaboration between SHE and Meet the Minnesota Makers to spotlight the talented women supporting each other through this Twin Cities’ collaborative.

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