• Small Batch Specialty Roasts: Walnut Grove’s Half Pint Coffee Co

    Freshly opened in June 2024, Half Pint Coffee Company brings a new coffee house to downtown Walnut Grove. The menu includes a full coffee bar featuring Half Pint Coffee Co’s freshly roasted beans along with baked treats, smoothies, teas and hand scooped ice cream.

  • Mushrooms Powered by the Sun: Fiddlehead Knob Farm’s Sustainable Path Forward

    On a rise in southern Minnesota that Rachel Davis’ ancestors called Poverty Knob, Kalvin, Rachel and their two young children (soon to be three in January!) raise a myriad of mushrooms at their ten acre solar- powered farm. 

  • Beth Dooley: Cooking Perennially to Bring Sustainable Change

    “I’m not that great a cook. I’m a really good shopper,” laughs Beth Dooley, James Beard award-winning food writer, author of more than a dozen cookbooks, Star Tribune columnist, and a regular contributor to MPR.

  • Celebrating the Thorny Parts: The Okee Dokee Brothers’ Climate Challenge in “Brambletown”

    “We tried over and over and over again to write a song about climate change. It’s really hard to do that, especially for kids,” explained Joe. “In the end the song ‘Trouble in Paradise’ reflected more than just climate change. It ended up surprising us that the song was about a world that was living by the narrative of separation.”

  • The Black Radish: Reinventing the Urban CSA, One Yard at a Time

    The Black Radish is an urban oasis where sunflowers tower and ripe beans dangle in magical tunnels. Tucked into its south Minneapolis neighborhood, this farm fosters community through the weekly gathering of CSA pickup, the volunteers who make the work possible, and the yards that nourish local residents. 

  • Customizing Her Happy Place: Beth Sahli of Umbrella Custom Woodworking

    The work that it takes to turn raw wood into a custom handwriting piece or a Montessori kitchen tool all serves as a metaphor for life’s journey at Umbrella Custom Woodworking.