By Michelle M. Sharp, Founder and Content Creator of Meet the Minnesota Makers

Update: Pillar of Throw’s products are now available as as part of the Primitiva Collaborative in Minneapolis, a beautiful store front featuring over 35 women artists and artisans from Minnesota. 

Catrina Letourneau of Minneapolis’s Pillars of Throw found inspiration at her local library thanks to a gentle nudge from her husband.

She had run out of candles at home. After venting to her husband about purchasing candles that weren’t quite what she wanted, he suggested that she make them herself. “The rest is history,” reflected Cat. “I checked out two books and I was taken. No looking back for me. I was now in the world of CREATIVITY.”

Established in 2019, the name of her company tends to raise a lot of questions. “It’s a simple answer. I love to use simple ingredients so the company name needed to match,” said Cat.  “Pillars is a shape of a candle, a monument or structure. Throw is jargon used by candlemakers—it’s the fragrance emitted by a candle.”

Being part of the Minnesota Maker community has been energizing—much like the encouraging environment at the Minneapolis Craft Market’s Arctic Market. “I’m not alone in my craft. I love seeing the love and creativity of others,” she shared. “I feel like happy people have hobbies. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Sometimes another creative mind can see something you can’t.”

Find Cat’s candles, soaps, and wax melts at her website, at the Richfield Farmers Market, Linden Hills Outdoor Market and Minneapolis Craft Market. Also find her colorful pillars at The Enchanted Rock Garden in Richfield. 

Embracing her maker self has been a great joy. “I enjoy my craft everyday. I find comfort, relaxation, pride, and leadership in myself. I love the confidence I have found in myself and my products.”

Cat, her husband, their two sons, and their toy poodles call Minneapolis home. When they’re not celebrating their love of candles, you’ll likely find them playing board games. Each day holds the possibility of fresh adventure. “I look forward to walking into my creative space. I think to myself—what can I create today?”

The cover photo is Cat in her happy space labeling Aloe Vera Cold Processed Handmade Soap–a new product that she introduced in the summer of 2022. 

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