By Michelle M. Sharp, Founder and Content Creator of Meet the Minnesota Makers

Update: Amanda introduced a new product line in 2023. Her custom-designed notepads and notebooks allow her customers to incorporate her compelling naturescapes into their daily routing. “Our note taking collection offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. With a focus on quality materials you are sure to be pleased by your writing experience,” explained Amanda.  The notebooks and notepads are completely Minnesota made from Amanda’s design, the printer, and even the product descriptions. 
Amanda Black of Black Loon Studio is thrilled to be working at her dream job every day. Her distinctive prints embrace the best of Minnesota’s natural wonders.  

From her St. Paul studio, Amanda creates original relief prints that she carves by hand into linoleum. She then uses oil-based ink to transfer the image to hand-torn archival cotton paper. There is nothing computer-generated in this printmaking process. “The biggest struggle for me is fighting the term ‘print’. Most people associate that with a reproduction. In printmaking every single piece is hand printed and is therefore an original.”

All of Amanda’s designs begin with sketches. Her background in photography allows her to preserve inspirational moments from summer hikes and Minnesota state park visits. She uses these photos to guide her when she’s back home in the studio.

Amanda’s prints feature familiar Minnesota landmarks like Split Rock Lighthouse, adventurous quotes, plant studies, elegant birches, and, of course, loons. She periodically accepts commissions for her unique leaf and acorn family portraits.
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She started Black Loon Studio in 2018. “I have an art background and wanted to create a life where creativity could become a part of every day,” shared Amanda. “Since then I have been grateful to have my work enjoyed by so many.”

While working from home Amanda has found a supportive community through fellow makers and artists, “They’re my coworkers. They are who I turn to for advice, laughter, and friendship.”

Amanda’s greatest surprise in establishing her own studio has been, “That I don’t want to do anything else! This is my career, and no part of me wants anything different.”

Amanda is a regular at the Minneapolis Craft Market and the Stone Arch Bridge Festival. Visit for upcoming in-person events. 

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