By Michelle M. Sharp, Founder and Content Creator of Meet the Minnesota Makers

Jenny Casper relaunched Fiddlesticks Bakery, her Eagan cottage bakery, in the fall of 2023 with gluten-free celiac-friendly cinnamon rolls. 

This relaunch was particularly meaningful for Jenny and her family because it represented her return to baking both for her family and her customers after shuttering her business due to a celiac disease diagnosis for three out of four members of her family. 

“I’ve always liked making things. It feels good to make food and please someone. I missed that feeling enough that I wanted to try again,” shared Jenny.

When she returned to baking she found that cinnamon rolls were the top baked treat that  gluten free customers missed. Jenny began testing recipes to find a way to create a flavorful and flaky pastry that holds the cinnamon spread in the warm comforting way that only fresh baked cinnamon rolls can.

Jenny has great empathy for those who navigate this challenge of reconfiguring their diet to accommodate a food sensitivity. “I’ve seen my mom host us and the effort that she’s making. It’s a big deal to have someone come to your house who needs a special diet,” said Jenny. “It feels good to help people still welcome their loved ones with special treats.”

Last fall Jenny started working part-time at Vendella Euro Boutique & Coffee Haus. “It’s fun being a part of this family-owned and run business. It’s a wonderful place to work,” said Jenny. “I just enjoy being around the people there—both the other employees and the customers. It’s a good change of pace from baking by myself.”

Jenny looks forward to growing Fiddlesticks Bakery. “It’s getting bigger and busier. I find such joy in making it possible for people to enjoy something that they haven’t been able to eat,” smiled Jenny. “It’s fun to make connections with new customers at our Eagan Markets.”

Jenny’s other joy in her bakery is the process of perfecting a new recipe. “It feels so good when I’ve been struggling with a recipe to finally nail it. That’s happening more now as I learn how gluten free baking works,” explained Jenny. “Facing that challenge and winning by making something wholesome, tasty and satisfying feels like such a win.” 

Fiddlesticks Bakery will be one of the three Minnesota Makers participating in the April 20 Taste Maker class at the Farm at the Arb Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Class participants will sample Jenny’s signature gluten free cinnamon rolls and learn about her journey into celiac safe baking. 

Full menu at

Pick ups Fridays and Saturdays by order only from Jenny’s Front Porch Cabinet in Eagan. 
Also, find Fiddlesticks products for sale out and about!
First Wednesday of every month at Vendella Coffee Haus in Eagan, 10am-1pm
Third Wednesday of every month at the Eagan Market Fest at the Eagan Community Center, 4pm-7pm

Full feature published in the Sun ThisWeek and Dakota County Tribune. 

See the Meet the Minnesota Makers recipe tab for Jenny’s gluten free Apple Betty recipe. 

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