• Thompson Family Farm: Historic Site Provides Fresh Fruits and Veggies for Modern Families

    Thompson Family Farm has been an active farm for over 130 years. “The first parcel of land was about 100 acres square,” explained Laura. “The barn was originally built in 1898. The house is at least 120 years old. It’s really awesome to be able to be a part of that kind of history.”

  • The Lavender Barnyard: Historic Farm Blooms Again

    Marie Schuhwerck never anticipated being a lavender farmer. She now manages over 300 plants, organizes farm tours, curates lavender self-care products, and is about to open an on-site store with other local makers.

  • Micro greens turn into a big adventure for Amanda Yadav of Fiddlehead Farm.

    Amanda Yadav finds joy and power in a magical room in her Andover home. Amanda cultivates [...]

  • Nelson Grass Farm: Creating Strong Food Webs

    Desiree and Ryan Nelson are the stewards of Nelson Grass Farm in Ogilvie, MN. They raise broiler chickens, pigs, and laying hens in a rotational grazing system. This creates a food web that benefits the soil, the animals, and the people who interact with it.

  • Apple Love is for Keeps: Cidery Grows out of Farming Interest

    Welcoming visitors of all ages, Nate and Tracy enjoy being a destination for multigenerational families, fermentation aficionados, or day trippers just looking for a change of scenery — their front porch, also known as the tasting room, truly is a family-friendly site

  • All in the family: Applewood Orchard has been operated by the Parrantos since 1999

    Weekends are a lively scene at Applewood Orchard. The air is ripe with the scent of fresh apple donuts made on site along with pies, mini-apple breads, and fritters prepared by Sweet Kneads in Farmington.