• Farm Experience in Dakota County: Brand Farms has an old world approach with 21st century sustainability

    The only thing that can make one of Aaron Brand’s favorite apples, the Haralson, better is turning it into a caramel apple. “The caramel apples are my favorite item in our farm’s store. It’s good to snag one every now and then.”

  • Healthy and Happy Food Relationships: Kelsey Endres of Eat Me Bakery

    Embracing a healthy relationship with food was something that Kelsey Enders of Eat Me Bakery MPLS learned. “I was taught to be afraid of food, to see it as something that had to be limited. Many of us who grew up in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s were subjected to an intense diet culture,” shared Kelsey.

  • Shortie’s Sweets ‘n Treats: The Juicy Lucy of Minnesota Baked Goods

    Steph Krueger's stuffed cookies tip the scale at half a pound each. These creative flavor combos were her quarantine creation.

  • Cookies and More by Lisa: Bringing Baked Traditions to the Table

    Since 2015 Lisa Haggstrom has started her day with a good cup of coffee and the slogan “Live your best life; eat the cookie.”

  • In “Knead” of Sweets: Kneady Lady Bakery Loves the Fun Challenge of Baking

    Anna Goettl, the artist and baker of the Kneady Lady Bakery, loves the challenge of a new design, like the chance to create a Nintendo Switch cake with detachable controls for a fifth birthday or a tractor-driving bunny that combined a client’s Easter and birthday wishes.