• Chaz Sandifer: Racial Equity, Wellness, and Healing

    Chaz is a coach and grassroots community activist who fosters racial health and equity through fitness, wellness, and nutrition. She guides her clients to healthier ways of life through her fitness coaching, cooking demonstrations, and exercise classes

  • Teaching Children to Thrive: Katy Steinbach’s Pip and Charley Books

    Katy Steinbach of Saint Paul had a dream of writing and illustrating a children’s book. The goal of her book series is to make social/emotional learning (SEL) accessible and fun for all children and their families.

  • Loving the Skin You’re In: Tina Rachelle Aesthetics

    Tina Freiborg of Tina Rachelle Aesthetics founded her business to empower and educate. “I joined the wellness industry to help others feel more confident—to look at skincare as a means of self love.”