• Bring Home a Piece of the Lake: Resin Artist Rebekah Rush of Wonderfully Made

    Rebekah is a full-time resin artist who incorporates natural materials found along Lake Superior’s shores and northern forests to create distinctive Minnesota art. Birch bark is one of her favorite mediums.

  • Legacy Building: Lara Cornell’s Artistic Business Vision

    From her own botanical paintings to the coaching she provides artists and artisans, Lara Cornell challenges her community to consider the long-term impact of their work. Impact includes eco-impact, social justice, equality, biodiversity, and economic questions. Lara disrupts the myth of the starving artist in order to empower creatives to found sustainable, economically-sound businesses that make the world a little more fair. 

  • The Hands That Shape: Shaping an Artistic Vision

    Meet Jamie Bowser, a self-taught wood and 3-D paper artist from Faribault, MN. She designs and creates her laser cut designs from her workshop in their historic farmhouse home.

  • Primitiva Jewelry: Ethical Jewelry For You, the Artisan, and the Planet

    Meet Laura Merino-Franco of Primitiva Jewelry and learn about her conscientious approach to jewelry making. “I feel a responsibility to create ethically and from a place of clear intent,” reflected Laura.

  • See Carrie Color: Wit, Wisdom and Sidewalk Chalk

    With wit and sidewalk chalk, Carrie Jarvis of See Carrie Color brings vividly vibrant messages to inspire and bring joy wherever people tread. Based in Saint Paul, Carrie creates chalk pieces, digital download prints, and stickers

  • Meet the Maker Profile: Mattie Ernst of Earnest Threads Fiber Arts & Botanical Printing

    Mattie Ernst of Earnest Threads uses a bit of magic to allow nature to literally leave [...]