• Pettit Pastures: Regenerative Agriculture Becomes A Family Farming Tradition

    Today three generations of Pettits tend to cows and pigs who forage herbicide- and pesticide-free pastures on their 400 acre farm. Pettit Pastures uses rotational grazing.

  • Aspen Ridge Honey Farm: Bees Are Amazing Creatures

    Larry started with two colonies and extracted 30 pounds of honey. “I got stung a lot that first year,” he said with a laugh. The next year he took a course through the University of Minnesota and bought a bee suit.

  • I Went Organic Because of the Soil: Jack Hedin of Featherstone Farm

    Featherstone Farm was born of Jack Hedin’s fortuitous reading of his great grandfather’s memoir who grew [...]

  • Nelson Grass Farm: Creating Strong Food Webs

    Desiree and Ryan Nelson are the stewards of Nelson Grass Farm in Ogilvie, MN. They raise broiler chickens, pigs, and laying hens in a rotational grazing system. This creates a food web that benefits the soil, the animals, and the people who interact with it.