• Big Dreams and Microgreens: Zumbrota’s The Greensted’s Regenerative Community Project

    Dean and Jayne Bredlau have built a regenerative space—both for agriculture and their community—on a tranquil hilltop in Zumbrota, Minnesota. Discover the inspiration and mission of The Greensted and the Greensted Farm store.

  • Fueling the Local Movement: Crafting Cosmetics and Ethical Food Products on Boomflower Farm

    At Boomflower Farm outside of Kenyon, Minnesota, Katy Lund is on a mission to share high-quality local products with her community, family, and friends.

  • Pettit Pastures: Regenerative Agriculture Becomes A Family Farming Tradition

    Today three generations of Pettits tend to cows and pigs who forage herbicide- and pesticide-free pastures on their 400 acre farm. Pettit Pastures uses rotational grazing.