• Mushrooms Powered by the Sun: Fiddlehead Knob Farm’s Sustainable Path Forward

    On a rise in southern Minnesota that Rachel Davis’ ancestors called Poverty Knob, Kalvin, Rachel and their two young children (soon to be three in January!) raise a myriad of mushrooms at their ten acre solar- powered farm. 

  • Fresh From the Field: Honeydew Fields Finds the Fertility of Regenerative Agriculture

    Honeydew Fields Farm, a regenerative flower farm in Sauk Centre, Minnesota thrives today thanks to a journey in infertility.  Lead farmer Leah Bischof knew from a young age that she wanted to farm and that she wanted to be a mom. While she and her husband struggled with infertility, vegetable gardening became a refuge, a place to channel the frustration she felt while they hoped and waited.   Wanting to improve her garden, she studied and read. Her research taught her about the need for diversity in her plantings.

  • Making it Personal: CSAs Nourish Communities Through Foods, Goods, and Local Connections

    Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms and businesses are real life examples of individuals collaborating at the local level to support the common good and build thriving communities. Through the CSA model a farm becomes the community’s farm. 

  • Mangalitsa Magic: Meet the Stars of Little Curly Pig Farm

    At Little Curly Pig Farm, all sales are direct from the farm. Michelle offers full and half shares as well as individual cuts. Unique items such as bones, heads, organs, and the fat itself are all available. She also sells breeding stock and feeder pigs.

  • I Went Organic Because of the Soil: Jack Hedin of Featherstone Farm

    Over 25 years ago Jack Hedin and his wife Jenni McHugh began farming in SE Minnesota. From the start, their mission was to feed people in an environmentally sustainable way.

  • Best in Show: First-Generation Family Farm Rustic Roots is MN Garlic Festival Winner

    The Olberdings bought a neglected piece of farmland in Alexandria. Removing the decaying farm equipment and taking care of the land itself allowed them to establish their award-winning garlic crop.