• From Kitchen Saucepan to Main Street Tasting Room: Sweet Haven Tonics’ Elevated Cocktail Adventure

    Leah Treleven of Sweet Haven Tonics in New Ulm used to think of herself as a cautious person. “I became a teacher in part because my parents had been teachers. I knew the path. I knew where it was going. It felt very comfortable.”

  • Recrafting Premium Cocktails: Dapper Barons Develops Local Low Carb Liqueurs

    Have you heard the one about two Michiganders who move to Minnesota, embrace low carb diets, and found a premium liqueur company in the midst of a pandemic? Read on to meet Ryan Boudreau of Edina and Jeff Roslund of Eagan, the founders of Eagan-based Dapper Barons—Low Carb Premium Liqueurs.