Cottage Garden Bouquet

How do you build a lush cottage grove bouquet? Try this recipe from Leah Bischof of Honeydew Fields Flower Farm in Sauk Centre, MN.


  • 1-3 stems of Apples of Peru
  • 1-3 stems of Mrs. Lemon Basil
  • 3-5 stems of False Sunflower a MN native
  • 1-3 stems of ornamental grass
  • 1 delphinium
  • 5 stems of buckwheat one of our summer cover crops but is also beautiful when it blooms
  • 3-5 stems of statice
  • 3 stems of cosmos
  • 3 stems of zinnias
  • 3 stems of Lisianthus
  • 1-3 stems of goldenrod another great MN native
  • 1-3 stems of Scabiosa
  • 3 stems of Gomphrena
  • 1-3 stems of yarrow another great MN native
  • 1 Rudbeckia pictured is Irish Eyes, some Rudbeckia varieties are MN native


  • Grow your own or contact a local flower farmer for available varieties. Cut stems at an angle. Place in a vase outside of direct sunlight and enjoy.


This beautiful bouquet from last year’s Fresh from the Field memberships is one of Leah’s favorites. “It best resembles what our farm looks like - lots of diversity which is beneficial to the land and our cut flower bouquets.”
What makes Honeydew Fields Farms unique? Read her farm feature here on Meet the Minnesota Makers to learn about her journey through infertility that created both this regenerative agriculture farm and her daughter, nicknamed Honeydew.
“I love getting to see how flowers bring smiles and joy to others, just like they did to me in a time where I really needed their beauty,” reflected Leah. “I find so much joy in getting the opportunity to farm side-by-side with my daughter, enjoying nature and working towards growing a strong ecosystem, all while growing flowers for other families, and events in our community.”
Limited Fresh from the Field memberships are still available. Visit to get your own local, regeneratively-grown bouquets.

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